How can the empire know that the Federation has nuclear weapons without building a nuclear strike prevention base?
If you hit a nuclear weapon, you can destroy the imperial transition base, and this battle will not be played now.
"That’s good." Su He analyzed his experience and the knowledge he learned in the last two years
"If you want an independent regiment to return to the war in the War Mark Canyon, there will be no problem. Nuclear weapons will inevitably destroy the nuclear radiation left by the defense line in the War Mark Canyon of the Empire, and it will also enable the conventional forces of the Empire to invest more resources than before to be born out of nothing and participate in the war.
Their individual investment has not been as good as before. They rely on better physical fitness to fight hard, and they are quick to consume and replenish tactics. Now our conventional forces can take advantage. The empire should fight in the scar canyon and invest a lot in mecha warfare.
We have independent regiments and conventional forces to support us, and we should build positions and continuously compress them. The activities of the War Mark Canyon will destroy the transition base of the Imperial War Mark Canyon sooner or later.
And former Dong Guo Cilian said that nuclear explosion can have an impact on the transition gate. Little Ivan has a large equivalent. If it can affect the large transition gate of the Imperial War Mark Canyon, there will not be too many troops in the War Mark Canyon … "
Ji Xinghe was surprised to see Su He.
Su He was embarrassed and said, "I’m just saying that I’m idle anyway."
Ji Xinghe was noncommittal
I really want to talk about the strategic vision, which is very tactical. It is really impossible to take advantage of the Xinghe.
His tactics are very similar to that of the overlord Xiang Yu, who was called overlord in Longzhou in ancient times.
Compared with Tu Yuan, he really has strategic military literacy, which is somewhat like defeating another famous Xiang Yu, Han Xin. Although he can’t fight himself, he can win a battle thousands of miles away.
He didn’t really speak much about Su He’s analysis, and Su He said it was right. Now there is some talk.
The bridge of space battleship Command Center is really responsible for controlling the space battleship, including Kitty Tse, except Ji Xinghe and Su He. There are six captains.
The original personnel configuration was almost the same. Before the departure of Ping An Ji Xinghe, many crew members were transferred.
Besides alien is still short of people, but also because they don’t want to go back.
Six people are operating this space battleship, and there are three mechanics in the minimum configuration. Normally, they really shouldn’t stay on the bridge, but the Shenshen Mountain theater has been overhauled and the Ping An is fine, so they all want to stay with Ji Xinghe.
And at this time, the widest position of Ping An is the bridge. If it can put things, it is almost full, almost reaching the maximum load of Ping An.
Theoretically, this kind of situation should not appear, and it is impossible to occupy so much weight.
But the problem is that the size and weight of those metal boxes shipped by Ping An do not match.
They are light, and they are heavy.
When the bridge hatch was opened, Ji Rongxinyue shouted out step by step and came in.
She walks slowly because she lifts her feet, and some shoes have magnetic attraction function, which is the reason why she can walk in weightlessness and the reason why Su He can ride around Xinghe.
"Can I not wear these shoes? I want to fly around."
Ji Rong Xin Yue’s requirements are in line with her present age.
Ji Xinghe refused Ji Rong Xinyue’s request for judo. "When your feet leave the ground, you will become a root ping …"
"Okay, okay, stop nagging, Grandpa. I get it."
Has walked beside Ji Xinghe Ji Rong Xinyue waved like an adult, but it made her more like a child.
After divorcing Star, she was in a much happier mood than before, and it was nothing to go home. Her family and Blue Star were nothing because she no longer worried about the safety of Ji Xinghe.
"Good grandpa, don’t be repetitive." Ji Xinghe also looks in a good mood.
"Are you busy now?" Ji Rong Xinyue once again asked, "If you are not busy, teach us to practice Kung Fu. Everyone is very excited. We can’t sit still."
"Not busy"
Ji Xinghe took Ji Rongxin’s hand and hesitated for a moment or let her temporarily close the magnetic attraction function of her shoes, so Ji Rongxin flew around Ji Xinghe.
It’s more appropriate to say floating around.
Su He didn’t follow him, but he still left the bridge to continue his work. The worker is still a war reporter, and he still has a lot of material to sort out and edit.
The documentary "The Old Man, the Stars and the Sea" has been updated to the 24th issue, which is updated once a month on average.
At present, it has become a blue star, and people like to watch a documentary most.
Compared with preaching, its military documentary programs always have some advice and advice, and the suspicion of "The Old Man Stars and the Sea" is more popular with people.
Also talk about Kitty Tse gathering around Su He.
"Old Sue, we have known each other for such a long time. When will you arrange for me to go out?"
"Didn’t you go out long ago to save the heart of the Moon Fox?"
"You know that’s the Heart Moon Fox. I’m the captain of Ping An now, not the Heart Moon Fox. Of course I’m going to play again."
"But … you have nothing to say about this Ping An."
"There are not so many earth-shattering things like a good warrior fighting a war. I think ordinary deeds are more touching."
"Ha ha, people are born ordinary, live ordinary, and like ordinary? People expect that it will always be a magnificent climax. "
"Then I have it, too. I violated the military orders and tried to save Lao Ji. Why didn’t you cut it for me?"
"I went back to that part, but you can’t find me if they don’t cut it into the program. Besides, do you really want the Federation to know about your violation of military orders?"
"This …"
Kitty Tse gave up.
He really doesn’t mind, but the problem is that this matter has a bad influence, even to save Ji Xinghe.
It’s no longer a matter of appearance. Kitty Tse saw that when Ji Xinghe was baptized by a nuclear explosion in Su He’s finishing materials, he made the final fortress, so he was a little sorry
"This time, Major Shen Mu can come back with us. I’ve always wanted to talk to him and ask him how he came up with those obscene words."
"SAO talk?"

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