The world is very cold, people can’t take care of themselves, everyone dies, and everyone has a hard time. Some people struggle to eat and wear warm clothes, and some people struggle to live. No one will pay attention to why a girl cries and is sad.
She sat in front of the door for a day and a night until someone came to the door. It was a man dressed in black and rarely decent.
The man will throw the cigarette holder and step on it at will. "Are you still buried? If we don’t bury half a penny, we’ll throw people into the ditch. "
Qianzao was a little confused. She couldn’t understand this adult. "Please, may I ask you … who are you?"
"Responsible for the funeral. Your brother needs half a penny to be buried. We’ll deal with it at will if we don’t pay."
The man looked at the door and saw that the mother’s body was still hanging. He shook his head and looked at it with some pity. He turned away early.
Later, it was only a thousand years ago that I realized that there was no money at home, and the money my mother and second brother earned from daily work could afford daily sales.
The second brother died tragically, and the westerners were playing with gunfire, but their family couldn’t even get the burial money. The woman who led the children to support the family finally couldn’t bear to hang herself.
Qianzao sat in front of the door at a loss and didn’t know where to go in the future. It seems that she is left alone from home. Should she go to everyone?
After waiting for three days and three nights, she was hungry, collapsed, thirsty in the corner, and when she was in a trance, she heard horseshoes in the street
Then she heard that she didn’t quite understand the oriental language, and her face seemed to be patted by someone.
"Being alive should be able to"
Pulling himself up was a well-dressed and middle-aged man. He picked himself up and bowed to the eastern officer riding a horse.
I didn’t catch what they said. Later, the middle-aged man pinched his face to sober himself up and asked, "Do you want to live?" Go to the east and have food in the SHEN WOO Empire. "
Thousands of years ago, I had no thinking ability, and my sadness was overwhelmed by my hunger for survival. I nodded consciously "I’m hungry …"
Chapter nine hundred and twenty-one Small footman
In 1996, a girl who was only five and a half years old ate her first meal.
She once dared not think that the restaurant had eaten white flour steamed bread and chicken.
She still remembers that the young officer sitting opposite her that day was tall and straight, with a knife-shaped eyebrow and heroic spirit.
He sat there and ordered a lot of food, too, eating more than himself and not talking to himself.
It was only after he swept away everything that he said, "I came to feel that you have some potential. After all, it is difficult for a child like you to live without eating or drinking for four or five days. You should be strong and have a chance, but now it seems that I am mistaken."
Qianzao sat there with a sip of steamed bread in her mouth, and she was at a loss. She was still stupid.
"My Lord, what have I done wrong?"
She is very sad, but it is still too difficult for a girl to beg for death at this age. Young life is always eager to continue to grow, which is the life energy.
She had a full meal, and she had never enjoyed delicious food, so she didn’t want to die so much.
The young officer sighed, "You are too timid. People like you can’t go to the battlefield. Now I am curious about what will you hold on to. Do you have any unfinished business?"
Hanazono Sakura had been silent for a long time. She looked at the steamed bread and the dining table with oily chicken. "I still want to wait for my father and eldest brother to go home …"
The young officer’s face is startled. He can’t understand the girl’s thinking without food. Don’t you just want to wait until your family returns?
And he already knows that this girl is an orphan. She can’t wait until her father and brother come back.
"Do you think you can wait?"
The young officer asked.
Hanazono Sakura was surprisingly calm early, and she took another bite of the steamed bread and chewed and sobbed, "I want to wait until they come back or I don’t know where to go."
The young officer was silent for a moment and looked at the little girl who kept eating steamed bread and swallowing. "Don’t eat when you feel uncomfortable because it will make your throat become obvious."
He got up and went to the shop to leave a broken silver.
Qianzao quickly got up and chased outside. "Can I still go there?"
Come on, with good luck, you can live a few more days.
The young officer didn’t turn back and rode the horse. Hanazono Sakura had already chased after him.
Four days later, Hanazono Sakura first set foot on the SHEN WOO Empire, which is said to have ruled the world for five thousand years.
Their country has been a vassal of the SHEN WOO Empire for nearly a thousand years and has been protected by the SHEN WOO Empire.
She doesn’t know where she is going or what she will do after going to the SHEN WOO Empire, but she thinks it is good to be alive.
She wants to see what that big eastern country is like, and she wants to know what her father and big brother are fighting for.
There are many children in the ship, and there are hundreds of people. The accompanying soldiers told them to make arrangements.
They will be sent to a secret blood fighter base for training. If they perform well and are selected as secret blood fighters, their families will receive twelve taels of silver subsidies and send five taels of silver to their families every year.
This is an astronomical figure. Two taels of silver is enough for a family of three to eat and drink for a year.

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