The silent will strikes and pierces the dark film covering the surface of people’s souls. Whispering makes people’s spirit disperse like decomposition. A large number of civilians resist the eyes and become holes because of the law.
Night watchmans want to evacuate people, but they don’t know what to do. old gods’s will is pervasive. It’s like a natural survival of the fittest, and people with insufficient mental resistance can meet death.
This is also the morning worship church. Many people know that the goddess of heaven and earth is not the savior, but they still hope that she will continue to stand there and radiate warmth and brilliance to all beings.
When the light fades, the darkness falls, the will disappears, the despair is swept away, the emotional world is filled with strangeness, and they breed in the emotional soil, and they show their claws like gods coming to pay high tribute.
At this time, no one will blame the teenager who destroyed the body of the morning goddess because he has completed all the forces to achieve the result.
That is to create a peerless strong man who can resist old gods’s arrival, and he is the strong man now.
Clement’s body guardian suit closely fits and exudes a silver dagger in the hands of Ying Bai Guanghui, which cuts and stabs the virtual core of old gods again and again.
Every time he goes into this indescribable fog, his clothes will be erased, and many of them are protected by the harsh white lines and dark vines.
However, when it comes into contact with the fog, it will still explode like being decomposed and corroded.
The young man’s eyes are firm, and he weakens the defense of old gods in an orderly manner. Because he is not rich in combat experience, he has not found the core and weakness of old gods.
But he stopped a old gods from moving forward and stopped the flood of extinction.
He discovered the secret of the guardian, perhaps because he is a very special guardian who can activate it.
After studying, he discovered the deeper secret of the Guardian suit as a whole.
He once heard many stories about guardians out of admiration and fantasy, and he envied the guardians to enjoy the eye-catching and glorious light.
But he forgot that every guardian is short-lived.
Later, he learned that the biggest secret of the guardian suit is to burn the soul of the guardian.
It was only after he came into contact with the prototype of the steam machinery country that he suddenly realized that all gods and creatures are like this.
From a human being, it is the tool of the gods or the consumption of the guardian suit. It is for human beings to make the prototype as well as for human beings. Even if the prototype is not polluted by old gods’s will, it is definitely something that devours the pilot’s soul
And to give full play to the power of the guardian suit, just like the ultimate decisive battle weapon of steam machinery national security, it generally needs a suitable "pilot" with huge energy.
Energy: He got the goddess heart in the morning and the goddess eyes in the night.
He’s the pilot, the tool whose soul is being consumed.
His life is very short and he has lived a good life. In the last year or two, he woke up and learned a lesson.
He wanted to shoulder his responsibilities and fulfill his promise from the bottom of his heart, but in the end he stopped.
Clement holds the guardian’s dagger and mobilizes the strength of body and mind to kill Ned Horta firmly.
Then let me apologize to you later.
Chapter one hundred and seventy-four The King of Mecha Tyranny to God
The fog streaked across the sky, leaving a long trail, and the bright white wings shone with a silent color in the air.
Clement’s clothes are gradually broken down, and only the dark vines are wrapped around the guardian suit, as if he had integrated the body and continuously inspired the potential of this body.
He is burning his soul, and his silent will collides, but his eyes are clear.
Repeated attacks on old gods’s level of power swept through, so the stars shook off and the earth sank like a deep pool.
The gray fog was constantly cut and stabbed, and the heavily sheltered teenager finally saw the true face of old gods.
In the deepest part of the dense fog is a crow-like creature, whose whole body is gray and black and about five meters long. His wings are not wings, but gray fine tentacles.
He has three eyes on his forehead, two are dark gray and one is unknown red.
At this time, the other two eyes are staring at Clement’s wings, and the imaginary airflow is wrapped up in Clement with the will to die.
Clement felt that before the old gods broke out, he had never felt the naked wing behind Weili and was taken high with him.
Black and white streamers rose to Xinghai with the gray fog, which relieved the people of the earth.
When the two sides fought, the shock wave almost destroyed half of the Sistine Empire. If we continue to fight with abandon, once it moves, it will be a natural disaster sweeping the mainland, which is even worse than the last flood.
But despite Niederholta Clement’s silent will to enter the star, this world is still raging.
Darkness hangs over the earth, and people light the lights but feel warm.

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