And Liu Chen is as magnificent as the sea, and the spirit is all over the city, and the people will hold up an alarm and fly to Gao.
At this time, the original prosperous kings have become devastated, and their scarlet arms grow like columns from the ground and float in the night wind with high smoke and dust.
The breath of horror was scattered all over the world, and even that month was dyed red. People who were barely awake because of their dark will now feel that another will suddenly increased and destroyed their spirit.
The thickness of the bucket and the dense climbing of the arms on the ground are like branches that grow savagely. These scarlet arms keep splitting during their growth. In less than two seconds, they look like a giant tree leading to heaven from the far side of Wangdu.
The original stone building king seems to have encountered some kind of strong acid building collapse and the ground became soft as a swamp.
The giant tree leaned out from the edge swamp, and its branches hung with fruits. Every fruit was … pale.
Lu Chen’s face changed, and the perception of the square creature from the breath gave him a sense of oppression. This is a old gods!
He didn’t expect old gods to appear so suddenly and only in his own face
No. Did it really happen to Wangdu?
He hurriedly looked in the direction of the palace, and Irina also blamed them for flying out with a group of royal family members.
Liu Chen looked at Fang, which was completely destroyed. The most prosperous city of Sistine Empire thought that the so-called morning goddess heart should not be brought out?
At this moment, somewhere on the outskirts of Sistine Empire.
The woman in a long black lace dress suddenly looked back. "How can it be so fast? It’s still a while before the eternal night is blessed! "
"Pope crown this breath like old gods Haques, also …"
Suriuer Mona hesitated, "It’s also different from the slate."
Mona’s gloomy things came to an end that she didn’t expect. Not only did arrival before night lead to Clement’s failure to grow up, but the second old gods appeared too quickly
The most important thing is that according to the "rules" of the slate, it’s not Haques’s turn to play here. He should be in a deep sleep in this era
It seems very anxious for a figure covered with silver-gray light to approach quickly.
Mona’s eyebrows slightly wrinkled when she saw it. "Verus said calmly and slowly."
The greedy senior priest gasped and said, "I can’t stop the temple from going to the king privately."
Before Verus finished speaking, he saw the Pope’s crown disappear in front of him, and the world echoed with a voice, "I didn’t say so!"
Lu Chenyun, the king of Sistine Empire, turned to spiritual force to send those civilians and the night watchman who didn’t react to the distant wilderness. "Brother Chu organized people, and I may be delayed."
He communicated with Chuhang through the team’s public frequency, and an old gods appeared. He was the only one who could fight.
And when he was held back by old gods, God knows how the world has changed. Although the church in the morning is strong, it is always his most belief that he has to stay on his own.
When Chu Hang took Xia Mi and painted pear clothes to the distance, Peter took the church people to meet, and Lu Chen locked his eyes on the dense scarlet arm to build the center of the giant tree, where a face emerged and looked at himself.
The virtual collapse of heaven and earth reversed the violent red light and crossed Lu Chen’s face with one foot, and at the same time, the regicide was cut out!
Chapter one hundred and sixty-two You are a hypocrite
Blood evil spirit spirit of war wrapped Lu Chen’s body with an extremely violent knife and crossed the scarlet arms with unbreakable knife meaning.
In the face of the old gods-level enemy, Lu Chen made great efforts at the same time and started to kill Duke wild hunt. A list of main attributes soared by 17 points, and the highest physical attribute reached an auspicious number.
Dou Zi secretly blessed him. This knife has been able to break down God’s defense.
The mountain with the dark knife rolled in the sky draws a curve like a full moon in the dark, covering the whole king’s capital.
But the strange thing is that Lu Chen’s knife failed to be implemented. He got feedback and waved it.
Except that when he stepped on that face, his subsequent attack didn’t hurt the enemy in front of him.
The scarlet arm constructs the face in the center of the giant tree, and an oriental man’s face appears in a different position. The morning hug in the distance teaches people to vomit words with surprise.
"Mr. Lu, we meet again."
At this time, Lu Chen felt the sense of disobedience and familiarity before him, and was associated with an opponent. In front of him, it was not the representative who feared old gods Haques, but the violator!
He once met the offender in the mining area of Sistine Empire, when he killed an "incarnation" of the other party, but now it seems that it may not be an incarnation, but a form parasitic by the offender through special means.

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