Ji Xinghe nodded his head. Although he didn’t have any actual combat experience before, he had seen many, many fighting game videos. The magnitude gap is like a gap for fighters, not only fighting games, but also many professional players in basketball games will choose to gain weight to deal with high-intensity collisions and jams, but their flexibility will definitely decrease after gaining weight. This is a pros and cons, mainly depending on what the demand is.
"My height is 1.92 meters and my weight is 93 kilograms."
The data reported by Ji Xinghe is not an order of magnitude with Jackson. If it is divided according to a well-known mixed martial arts competition system of Blue Star, Jackson is beyond the heavyweight (93kg12kg) and Ji Xinghe is a light heavyweight (4kg93kg).
Compared with his height, he is a little thin, but considering Ji Xinghe’s age, he is not thin at all. In his youth, he also exceeded 1 kg.
"Don’t worry, I won’t hold you up."
Jackson said that the tight body system did not limit his movements, but made his every move full of strength, just like those superhero systems in the blue star shadow, except that he did not have a cloak
Ji Xinghe also moves. Compared with Jackson, his body is strong and powerful, and he moves a little cautiously, feeling that every move is square.
"Remember to be strong."
Ji Xinghe finally woke up again. After discovering that Jackson was psychologically tolerant and rich, he naturally wanted to get the second 50,000 contribution points. At this time, he was more confident than fighting for armor.
Jackson nodded with an expression on his face and indicated that he had finished the preparation. Ji Xinghe also indicated that the whistle sounded at the side of the game, just like fighting for armor. This time, Jackson was still the first to launch an attack, but he didn’t make a move this time, perhaps because he had seen the video of the battle between Li Han and Ji Xinghe.
Slowly approaching, posing as a boxing posture, but the gloves are exposed, tentative and straight, and his strength advantage is not coming out, but this is really a way of fighting.
Ji Xinghe easily avoided Jackson’s punch and also brought a mitt. He was not used to it, but after all, he didn’t fight with Li Han, who believed in him more.
Jackson is more cautious than making sure that Ji Xinghe is attacked by peerless masters. One stroke and one style are both offensive and defensive. When attacking in tandem, he can quickly exert his strength, and when he needs to defend, he can pull himself up. The speed of fists is getting faster and faster, but there is no flaw in the end.
Of course, it is impossible to hit Ji Xinghe with such an attack. His hands also pose as a boxing standard, but his pace is well-documented in combination with Jackson’s repeated punches after boxing. His half-length swing is flexible and he is not as tall as 1.92 meters.
He punched a hundred times in a row, but Jackson didn’t hit a punch and was not hit by Ji Xinghe. Because Ji Xinghe never launched a real attack, Jackson was angry.
"What the hell are you doing?"
In the roar, Jackson jumped directly at Ji Xinghe, trying to hold Ji Xinghe with his hands like iron hoops and then give full play to his size and strength, so he couldn’t hear Ji Xinghe and answered me in his heart to count.
It happened to be one minute and ten seconds when Li Han and Ji Xinghe were disarming. It was at this time that they exerted their strength and then held on for five seconds when they were thrown more than ten meters away by Ji Xinghe.
All five seconds left? No, four seconds
In the face of Jackson’s embrace, his arms were wrapped in a huge force and collided with his body. Ji Xinghe finally made a force. Instead of clenching his fists, he became a palm knife and kopis slashed Jackson’s arms
Bang, bang, bang, bang, bang, bang, bang, bang, bang, bang, bang, bang, bang, bang, bang, bang, bang, bang, bang, bang, bang.
It’s hard to buy a daughter’s ring, but Ji Xinghe hit it with two hands, and Jackson suffered the daughter’s ring as if he had suffered a thousand pounds of force. His hands were instantly soft and he could bump into Ji Xinghe’s chest. After all, he hesitated and didn’t hit Ji Xinghe’s head
Ji Xinghe also left his hand. He didn’t choose explosive force to collide with Jackson head-on, because that would cause Jackson to break six ribs less. He chose the same fighting method as defeating Li Han.
While Jackson was in the middle door, he grabbed Jackson’s collar with one hand and Jackson’s belt with the other. When Jackson’s body hit the body, he twisted his body and joined his waist and horse suddenly.
So the two bodies crossed and looked relatively weak. The one who stayed where he was stood tall and straight, another giant strong man flew more than ten meters away and crashed to the ground. He not only rolled for three or four meters before unloading his strength.
So what if you weigh 125 kilograms? Aliens are just in their early forties.
The onlookers were quiet, and their eyes were shocked. They looked at Ji Xinghe and looked at Jackson in consternation. When they noticed that Jackson didn’t choose to come back and fight, they finally determined that Jackson lost.
One minute and fourteen seconds, Jackson, the super mecha from Yingzhou, lost one second earlier than Major Li Han from Longzhou.
Chapter 7 My Dust
After the contest, the crowd dispersed.
"What are your strengths?"
There is no sudden problem from Jackson, which makes Ji Xinghe a little confused and blind and lame. What are you talking about?
But Jackson’s face was very serious. When Ji Xinghe didn’t answer, he once again asked a question that surprised Ji Xinghe.
"Or have you reached the level of strength?"
Ji Xinghe didn’t answer, and his expression changed from consternation to complexity. Seeing this scene, Jackson once again misunderstood and exclaimed, "No way. Is it to break the realm of seeing god without evil?"
Listen to a few Eagle Island mecha around Jackson with a blank face. They can’t understand what Jackson said, not because of language barriers. There are two official languages in the federal government: Eagle Island Language and Longzhou Language. Aliens are proficient in both languages, but because of different cultures.
Lame and blind to understand these two Longzhou mecha, although they understand, but they are both puzzled now. Everyone is a mecha. You are still a super mecha. What are you talking about?

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