"Lin Ying died" Yu Chunlong roared and looked ferocious.
Zhou Feng looked at the two of them and trembled. "They, they actually got a half-mourning potion."
Zhao Xue and Xiaoyu didn’t see more than half of their lives, but when they saw two people, half man and half zombie, they also trembled and hid behind Lin Ying.
At Zhou Feng, Lin Ying "stepped back to protect them both"
Say that finish Lin Ying leg lifts a step forward.
A moment later, Yu Chunlong and Zhang Wenchong rushed to Lin Ying and launched an attack.
"Hoo" A gust of wind sounded and more than ten pieces of broken iron flew to the forest shadow, which was shrouded in it.
After becoming a semi-mourner, Zhang Wen’s strength has been enhanced, from manipulating five flying knives to manipulating dozens of pieces of broken iron, which has been turned over several times in quantity.
Lin Ying stretched out a virtual grasp in one hand, and his hand was like a magnet, which instantly glued these iron sheets to his hand.
Zhang Wen was frightened and quickly launched the ability to try to get the iron piece out of the shadow player, but it was unable.
Lin Ying’s method is to simulate the technique of Qing Muyang’s second flying knife, and then to suppress the iron sheet and isolate Zhang Wenlian.
If Zhang Wen is smart enough, he will turn around and run away when he encounters such a situation.
I can’t do anything about my best ability to get Lin Ying. Then what else can I do?
But turning into a half-bereaved Zhang Wen’s brain is a bit awkward, and he has no ability to assess the situation. He still howled and rushed over.
At this time, Yu Chunlong also launched his own ability to see him with one hand and a wave of his hand, a large stone emerged from the ground and shot at Lin Ying.
Lin Ying flew out with one hand and a wave of his hand, hitting those flying stones.
"Boom-boom" The collision between the iron sheet and the stone made a series of bà zhà noises.
Everyone in the place felt a surprise.
[End of chapter]
Chapter 53 potions
Yu Chunlong knew that Lin Ying was fierce, but he didn’t expect Lin Ying to be so fierce. He was a little stunned during the progress.
But after he became a half-zombie, his brain became a little dull, and he had no extra thoughts, so he rushed to Lin Ying angrily.
Looking at blunt come over two people Lin Yingqi real eyes watching two people.
Therefore, when Yu Chunlong was half a zombie, he was able to make them capable, which surprised Lin Ying.
Through the real eye shadow, I found that the names of these two people have become semi-mourning.
However, their ability has increased by one and a half times, and the speed of their ability has increased, but there is no shortage of their ability.
Lin Ying shook her head and sighed, "Is there such a benefit when the awakened one becomes half-bereaved?" It’s a little unfair to keep your own abilities and get new ones. "
But on second thought, Lin Ying felt sick when she wanted to be half-bereaved and wanted to h and hen.
Although the ability of semi-bereavement is strong, the price is too high, which is borne by ordinary people.
Yu Chunlong and Zhang Wenchong rushed to the front of Lin Ying when Lin Ying lamented.
Mr. Zhang pulled out a handful of bǐ shǒu and tied it towards the key of Lin Ying. Yu Chunlong controlled the land at the foot of Lin Ying and tried to sink Lin Ying into it to control him.
But Lin Ying stamped his foot and the soil instantly returned to normal.
At the same time, Lin Ying’s horse-cutting knife blocked Zhang Wenbb ǐ sh ǒ u as soon as it stood upright.
Hold the handle of the knife with a pestle and push it forward with a jerk to push Mr. Zhang out.
Zhang Wen jumped up with a jerk on his feet and the ground, and then quickly came at Lin Ying.
He started his speed increase ability, which was twice as fast as before.
Mr. Zhang is holding bǐ shǒu in his hand and stabbing at Lin Ying alongside of.seem..
A few meters away in a flash.
Zhang Wen holds the figure of bǐ shǒu, and the pupil of Lin Ying is getting bigger and bigger.
Mr Zhang corners of the mouth with a smirk "didn’t think of it? After the half-mourning potion, we all gained new ability and speed increase.

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