Moreover, if they are required to practice the manufacture of biological materials by the moon and the stars and transport them to different stars, their mecha will have to carry out a theory similar to the transformation of God’s punishment of armor, and they will all be able to control armor by air.
Of course, what celebrities have now is not the real combat power, but they have reached the super standard with the help of air power, just like thousands of first-class mecha in the Federation have made the cockpit of neural link have the super-class mecha’s operation level.
In addition to the independent group, the mecha selected by the other four independent groups are all at this level.
However, whether it can really be brought into play in the battle depends on the individual’s fighting consciousness, mentality, mental will and so on.
Some people need to be sent to the training ground, but they can’t hit the target easily when they are in the real battlefield. Even if they are unlucky, it is normal to be hit by a stray bullet on the spot without a shot.
Even better than Chen Xun, he was hit by an imperial missile. If he hadn’t been dressed in individual exoskeleton armor and then treated by Ji Xinghe gas force, he had been given a gift. Now even if he is immortal, he is no different from a basket case.
Celebrities still need to continue to improve their combat power through training, and keep exercising their spiritual will, waiting for the opportunity to fly without flying.
And they can also be said to be Ji Rongxin’s monthly soldiers.
As time went by, the federal forecast of dust storm was a few days late, but it came after all and covered most of the alien surface in a very short time.
Including the War Mark Canyon Theater, the Gods Mountain Theater, the No.6 Base Theater, Xianyang City …
When the war stopped on a large scale, the Ping An space battleship finally ended its support war and returned to base 6.
When wearing a warrior, Rong Xin appeared in a heroic manner, and the parking area of the space battleship gangway cheering base of Ping An resounded.
She waved to everyone at the top without stage fright, with a critical smile on her face.
It’s like … No, she’s just a female general who came back from the battlefield!
"I drove the moon and the moon to the Sanliu Grand Canyon."
In the meeting room, Ji Xinghe faced the transition base of the Three or Six Grand Canyon Empire, and all of them were Li Zhengfan, Chen Xun, Liu Mian, Kitty Tse, Qin Tong, Harris, Su Chuanyun, Lame, Left Hand, Jiang Yun, Alva Wang, Shen Mu, Qiao Menglian, Su He, Ji Rongxinyue and others whispered.
"If I encounter their reconnaissance mecha, I will destroy them first and continue to investigate. If they directly send a large-scale mecha corps, I will carry out a tug-of-war and give you the news. You all know what to do."
Give the news to the worse headquarters, let base 6 enter a state of war, send troops to reinforce, and so on. Everyone really knows.
But everyone did object to Ji Xinghe’s decision.
"I’ll go, old man. I’m really going to suffocate." Su Chuanyun said with a full face of grievances. "I could have gone to war, but you let me suffocate for another month. Do you know?"
Ji Xinghe looked at the past coldly. "Is it a month?"
"Ah?" Su Chuanyun froze.
Lame said, "although I know you want to take Su Chuanyun and me as cards to give the Imperial Anti-Galaxy Corps a surprise, if it is for investigation, I think it’s no problem because we don’t need to play our part."
You should remember clearly that there are many natural communication shielding areas in the 36 Grand Canyon. We want to appear there and annihilate the communication shielding areas. When we see all the imperial mecha, we will not expose the card problem.
I can go to all the cattle and horses. "
Now the independent regiment mecha is not a horse in the Milky Way. This cannot father is Su Chuanyun and Lame, who have the highest fighting capacity.
Although the original Qin Tong and Harris also have the Guo Shi-level mecha, the fighting capacity is not compared with these two people, even compared with liu er and the three of them, there are some gaps.
Mainly in the face of the mecha problem, liu er, the three princes of them, Qin Tong and others make it difficult for weapons to cause effective killing quickly. Against liu er, they can quickly cause effective killing to their mecha.
"Neither of you can go because your mecha is very important."
Ji Xinghe vetoed again and said, "I don’t trust others and apes."
Not being at ease is different from not being at ease.
None of the three apes can come to the meeting, so naturally they will not be sent to carry out important investigations. Although all three apes have proved their loyalty to Ji Xinghe, after all, the name liu er was taken by Ji Xinghe and liu er is not allowed to change it.

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