Dong Zegang also reacted, "Xiaohua, you seem to have always had some opinions about me. I think there must be some misunderstanding. The lawyer is my job and I am just doing my duty."
About Gao Le took the opportunity to say, "Lawyer Dong, you are very direct. You don’t look like a foreigner."
Dong Zegang: "I grew up in the port of Somalia and studied law in several miles."
Huan Xiang, all the top executives of the industry, have never been very fond of being Chinese. Although Dong Zegang said that he didn’t have much resentment, he didn’t like it very much. He was not as close as others.
Even Wang Fengshou’s trip to Hua Zhen has opinions on him, but it does not hinder the exchange between the two. It is precisely this lawyer Dong Zegang, the head of the legal department, who has hardly had any personal dealings with him, that makes him seem very distant.
Of course, Dong Zegang can feel this attitude, but it’s hard to say at ordinary times. I’m afraid I wouldn’t ask directly if I were a foreigner, but Dong Zegang is different. I just said it when I had the chance at the moment.
Hua Zhen shook his head and said, "The real misunderstanding is that you and I don’t dislike lawyers. They dislike a certain type of people. They are parasitic on a certain system. What I really don’t like is that system."
According to you, is it because we don’t like doctors that we investigated the international hospital in Port of Somalia this time? No, I like doctors very much. It has always been respectable to save lives. There is an old saying in Dongguo that impressed me deeply. If you are ill, you can get a good doctor.
But I don’t like the fact that the medical and health institutions in the port of Somalia have already despaired of it, so they have to change it. When it comes to despair, do you know how many people in the port of Somalia have already despaired of the law?
Order is being rebuilt here. I have been taught since I was a child. To establish order, we need moral education, laws and regulations, which complement each other. Law is mandatory and the judicial system needs to guarantee it.
There used to be people who were violated, robbed, stolen and killed every day here. How many murderers were punished and formally sentenced? It’s impossible for you to make me like this judicial system.
Lawyer Dong, I have a question that I hope you can answer truthfully. What are the criteria for people to judge a good lawyer in the judicial system that you are familiar with? "
Dong Zegang hasn’t come to talk about Gao Le’s preemptive reply, "Of course, it is possible for the parties to seek the best interests and make him punished or punished the least under the same circumstances."
Locke secretly poked aside and added, "In the same case, if an appointment lawyer can win and an appointment lawyer can’t win, then an appointment lawyer is a good lawyer."
Hua Zhenxing nodded. "This is the key point of the same case. This is not a lawyer’s problem, but a judicial system problem. It gave birth to this phenomenon. So what is the standard of lawyer’s success?"
Dong Zegang opened his mouth and said that Gao Le was the first to answer, "The most successful barrister is of course the highest income and the most expensive income."
They have the most powerful customers and the most capable team, and they can win all kinds of lawsuits. Even if they don’t win, they can minimize the losses of the parties and get the lightest punishment. "
Hua Zhen Bank asked again, "Is this the case with Lawyer Dong?"
Dong Zegang "looks like this, but this is a misunderstanding and a representation."
Hua Zhen shook his head and said, "This is not a superficial phenomenon, because people see things like this and it is everyone’s personal experience."
I’ve always been a grocery boy, and of course I don’t like it. It’s no longer the case to rebuild the judicial system in Somalia. "
About Gao Le narrowed his eyes and said, "Boss Hua is very deep today. Why did he suddenly think of such a topic?"
It is true that Hua Zhen’s trip was "not a sudden thought, but I have been thinking about it since I was a child". The first question he thought most about since he was a child was what kind of order is needed here? And that judicial system is the most important.
About Gao Le asked with great interest, "So what kind of judicial system does boss Hua want to establish?"
Hua Zhen trip "To be honest, although I have been thinking about it for many years, I haven’t finished thinking about it yet. Today I just want to have a good talk with a few people."
But I have an idea that is very existing. We can already see all kinds of disadvantages, so don’t repeat it. If you can avoid it, try to avoid it. "
Locke’s tone is like a "Chinese assistant". What are the disadvantages of the judicial system now? I don’t necessarily mean that I used to be a port of Somalia. "
Hua Zhenxing mused, "Let me say three things first. First of all, there is a saying that I have heard with two lawyers. Many times, the result of litigation is not the purpose, but the purpose."
In this case, the law or, more precisely, the judicial system has become a professional tool for a few people, not to safeguard fairness and protect the infringed and injured.
Sometimes the twists and turns are clear, but if the victim really wants to get compensation and the infringer pays the due price, it will be dragged into a long and complicated judicial process.
It makes many people have to give up their own interests and silently endure injuries, even if some people don’t want to endure the time, energy, money and other achievements they will pay.
In this case, if the rich and powerful party has the means to drag the dispute into the judicial process, it is equivalent to winning because the other party can’t afford it, and most people will not choose it that way. "
At this point, he paused, took a cup and took a sip of tea. Locke asked in time, "What’s the second point?"
Chapter 19, the priest illusion
Hua Zhen’s trip "just said that the first point is that law has become a professional tool and litigation has become a goal, then the second point is that law has become a professional tool."
Locke "What’s the difference?"
Hua Zhen Bank seriously explained that "the law is the last guarantee for the interests of ordinary people. If its guarantee function is broken down, then the order will have to give way to gangs. Fortunately, there will be a new alliance to rebuild. Unfortunately, it used to be a port."
Law is more important than reality, and its judicial system guarantees that the more everyone benefits, the more ordinary people need it. Law and medicine are not the same. It faces the fact that people’s daily life should not be so complicated that ordinary people can’t understand it.
Even the most complicated economic crime, after putting all the evidence chains, the fact is simple. Either he took the money and shouldn’t have taken it, or he defrauded others of money.
Let’s not talk about the case detection link. Criminal investigation is another professional law. It should be the simplest, and the reason is simple and accurate. All legal logic should be understood by people who want to be educated.
How the police catch a murderer may be complicated, but the fact of homicide is clear to everyone.
However, in many parts of the world, even if the legal provisions are written accurately, the judicial system has become more and more complicated and there are all kinds of trap-like procedures.
What does it mean when the judicial system is so complicated that an ordinary citizen who has completed the compulsory education can’t understand that only professionals can be white?
Have the two lawyers ever heard of priest hallucinations? Or, to put it more popularly, the monk illusion, when all people burn incense and worship Buddha, they must go through the monks in the temple and the monks themselves represent Buddhism. "
At this time, about Gao Le smiled with his head down on the desktop. When everyone looked at himself, he waved his hand and said, "Leave me alone! Boss Hua, you went on to say. "
Hua Zhenxing went on to say, "There is an illusion in the legal profession that they believe that they represent the law and the rule of law, because they have formed a small professional circle. Judicial procedures are implemented through them, judicial results are decided by them, and judicial theories and textbooks are also written by them.
I say this not because I have a problem with people who are engaged in the legal profession, but because the judicial system is so complicated that ordinary people can’t understand it, it will become a small circle of professional tools.
Once this trend is formed, it will become more and more obvious because most of the judicial systems are also formulated by these’ ministers’. "
Speaking of which, Hua Zhen-hang seems to have organized the language about Gao Le to nod and added, "This is called professional closers to set up professional barriers. The so-called professionalism makes the procedure extremely complicated and complicated to outsiders who don’t understand it. At this time, the judicial system gradually becomes a professional tool."
If the Oheim case didn’t happen at this time, but in Brussel, I can say that there are many links where talents like Dong and I are white, but you don’t know that it is really necessary? Little is very necessary for me and lawyer Dong!
Whether the prosecution, the defense, and the judge are all insiders, sometimes it feels like a professional performance, and we will also find a group of viewers to watch the performance and vote … "
Dong Zegang finally couldn’t help coughing and interrupting Yue Gaole. "Xiaohua didn’t expect you to be very fond of thinking at ordinary times. If you are interested in law, I can recommend a number of professional books to you."
About Gao Le unconsciously took the us again and said, "So the boss in China won’t speak layman’s words, right? But I guess people must have read you, but you can’t solve their problems
He just wanted to say that all three points refer to the existing drawbacks. Boss Hua means that the reconstruction of order here should be done from the beginning and try not to repeat the same mistakes. "
Locke: "Assistant Hua just said two points. What’s the third point?"
Hua Zhen’s trip "in the third point, the first two points actually lead to the industrialization of the law as a result. If the implementation of the same thing is higher and the process is more complicated, the fairness of the result will not be guaranteed, but the judicial purpose should be to ensure fairness unless it deviates from this purpose."
About Gao Le shook his head. "Who said that the purpose of justice is to ensure fairness? The purpose of justice is to ensure order, depending on what kind of order you want to maintain. Of course, order is better than no order. This is the difference between other countries and countries. "
Hua Zhenxing nods, "You’re right! I hope to maintain fair order. Many things in this world have been industrialized, but a few things can’t be the law first.
The judicial process can’t be before the business is orderly. The higher it becomes, the greater the social consumption and the more unfair it is.
I often see some remarks that doctors and lawyers are the most envied occupations of ordinary people and represent their goals. What do I really want to ask? This is obviously not normal
If we look at the economic data of a city and a country, what does it mean if the medical profession and the legal profession create a large proportion of output value?
It means that a large part of everyone’s income and a large part of wealth created by the whole social production consume the field of medical law, so how sick are people’s health and behavior? "

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