Chapter 425 Scared me.
The situation is fierce, Lin Ying. They tried their best to defend these mice from jumping into the ice wall.
"Boss has to find a way or we will be exhausted if we keep going like this." Yang Bo gasped and said to Lin Ying.
There are too many mice, Lin Ying, and they didn’t see any change in the number until they were soft.
If you continue to go to the Yangbo people’s group like this, this ordinary person will definitely be the first to get tired.
Lin Ying has realized this danger and immediately said to cannon fodder A and cannon fodder B, "You two hurry to join the battle and lose your strength. Cut first and then your strength will be restored."
At the same time, the mutation said to Yang Bo, "Let’s change two physically incompetent people to rest, and others will continue to chop down zombies and wait for a rest."
In such a fierce battle, Lin Ying actually took a break, which greatly increased the pressure on others.
But there’s no way. If we don’t do this, we’ll all get tired and get bitten by rats.
He can at least hold on for a while when he takes a rest.
The person who was replaced quickly cleaned up the equipment and weapons and replenished his physical strength. After resting for more than ten minutes, he was replaced by another field to rest.
Because of the rotation, there is not enough manpower, and they are under great pressure.
Seeing that the mice kept jumping to the ice wall and constantly scrambling to fight back against everyone, Lin Ying decided to control some mice to share the pressure.
Lin Ying has two abilities to control mice: animal control and angle tying.
After careful consideration, Lin Ying chose to tie the angle.
The tying angle is fast enough, once it is put into use, it will be 100% successful, and after the controlled animal dies, Lin Ying still has a chance to get the ability of dead animals.
Lin Ying’s night vision ability is obtained through water snakes.
So Lin Ying made the angle control jump on their mice.
There are a lot of mice around. Lin Ying controls these mice, and then they resist the mice that come at them. Then they hurt each other, delay each other’s steps and give Lin Ying a breathing space.
The results achieved at one time were exceptionally gratifying.
However, Lin Ying found that he could control about thirty or forty mice every time. If the number of mice exceeded this, the mice would get rid of his control.
These mouse shadows control the scattered ice wall and block his mouse attack.
Those attacking mice are also wondering how their own kind suddenly defected.
These mice also show their fangs and get entangled in the face of similar obstacles.
Lin Ying ordered himself to control the mice and let them desperately stop him.
These mice died very quickly in a large number of similar attacks.
When these mice die, Lin Ying will continue to control other mice to fill the gap of death.
At the same time, Lin Ying also received some abilities one after another.
The angle of the bolt is very bug. When the controller controls the animal to be killed, the controller will get some abilities from the animal.
Now Lin Ying controls the constant death of mice, which makes him gain a lot of strange abilities.
These mice are almost all ordinary mice, and their abilities are also ordinary and low-level.

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