Li Han also received this news, which was earlier than Suhe due to limited reasons.
Just now, he wanted to find someone to discuss it with, because he suddenly met Ji Rongxinyue face to face and forgot.
"They have bypassed outpost 14 and are ready to stop the imperial reinforcements."
Li Han picked up the words and noticed Su He’s eyes, so he squatted in front of Rong Xinyue and asked, "Xinxin, do you want to see your grandfather break the imperial mecha?"
"I want to."
"Then let’s watch it together?"
"Yes, thank you, Uncle Li Han."
So Li Han hit his bracelet screen and Su He woke up and connected it to an idle console projection screen.
The three of them watched together.
The screen shows a team of imperial mecha from the perspective of Ji Xinghe War.
Thirty planes
They haven’t found Ji Xinghe yet.
Li Han was afraid that Ji Rong Xin was worried about the tone and said easily, "There is only an imperial mecha formation, and there are not many noble mechs that are not old enough. There is also Kaidilin, the ace mecha who is stronger than me. Alas, Lao Ji shouldn’t have taken him to pick more than a dozen Venus for nothing."
It’s like giving Li Han a face-to-face view of the Milky Way. In the perspective, a demonstration of Kaidilin mecha discovered two mecha formations that were rapidly approaching the empire with more advanced detection functions.
Three imperial mecha formation distance is very close, a total of ninety.
I also saw this one. Rong Xinyue turned his head and looked at Li Han. His eyes were still clear and he didn’t blame.
But Li Han felt the unprecedented pressure and a sense of crisis.
He felt a little puzzled and couldn’t figure out anything.
"It’s okay. Yan Yan’s three imperial mecha formations have five minutes and nine minutes’ travel distance respectively. Lao Ji and Kaidilin can break the first imperial mecha formation with ten less mecha and then retreat from the war mark canyon terrain …"
Do your best to make Ji Rong Xinyue not worry. Li Han doesn’t have time to look back. He doesn’t know that there is a silent mecha staring at him behind him.
Chapter 431 Have you realized?
Imperial support outpost mecha formation on the 14th is closer to each other than Ji Xinghe and Kaidilin expected.
But as Li Han said, a total of ninety mecha in three complete mecha formations have not been regarded as the strongest mecha in the Federation.
"Cut off their heads or their tails?"
Kaidilin’s fighting spirit has been boiling up, and he has been hit by Ji Xinghe. He is eager to prove his own strength.
Maybe not to prove to Ji Xinghe, but to prove to himself.
Ji Xinghe’s tone is calm. "You command."
"I’ll take command?" Kaidilin paused and then laughed. "Are you sure you want me to command you?"
Ji Xinghe’s attitude towards Kaidilin has really changed. After confirmation, he also explained that "I prefer to be a soldier."
Then why do you accept the rank of major general and the rank of lieutenant general?
This also did not hesitate to give up the No.5 base theater and came to the War Mark Canyon theater.
Kaidilin wanted to ask this question very much. He knew that Kentevez was applying for the rank of lieutenant general for Ji Xinghe for some reasons. It seems that Ji Xinghe is coming to the War Mark Canyon. In addition to receiving Hsuanchan’s body, his main purpose is to accept the "goodwill" from Kentevez, which is more resources represented by the rank.
But he didn’t ask.
Access to Ji Xinghe War has been restricted to the outside world. At present, Li Han and other talents with high limits can access it, but it will soon be completely restricted
Mechs in many theaters, such as the Western Theater, the Eastern Theater No.5 Base Theater, etc., can access the perspective of Ji Xinghe War.
Some words are really hard to say at this time.
"Okay, I’ll take command."

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