He turned and walked in the direction of the hall.
Chapter five hundred and thirty-nine Death Fight Dance End!
Gu Qingshan walked in the direction of the hall and released his mind to observe the surroundings carefully.
I saw that all the people showed a habitual expression but didn’t pay too much attention to him.
People all looked at the entrance to the main hall.
Dozens of powerful evil spirits marched towards the main hall with all kinds of boxes, boxes and instruments.
Gu Qingshan narrowed his eyes.
He can feel the strong power fluctuation in some boxes and boxes.
It seems to be some particularly powerful treasures.
-What are you going to do?
Renee Doyle seems to be preparing something, but I’m afraid it’s not letting herself tell stories.
Thought of here Gu Qingshan cautious immediately.
As his attitude changed, the music in his ear increased a lot.
What’s going on here? Did you trigger the "death fight dance" in your own mind?
See a line of fireflies in the ares interface.
"You’re ready to spy."
"You are absorbed in the present and ready to fight."
"Death fighting dance is taking shape because of this inspiration."
Gu Qingshan is silent.
"Do you know what’s going on with this dance on the interface of God of War?" He asked silently.
"I don’t know," replied the ares interface.
The soul force is quietly deducted.
Gu Qingshan glanced at the change of soul force value. "I don’t know three words to send me?" Do you at least have some perception of this music? "
This time, the interface sound of the God of War is a little more serious. "This layer of sacrifice dance is a strange side strength end. It is deeply understanding your personal style. This generation is irreplaceable and unique to your personal’ death dance’. It is impossible to predict its direction before the dance interface is completely generated."
Interface soul force was deducted twice in a row.
Gu Qingshan frowned and asked, "What was deducted twice?"
"You asked two questions," said the ares interface.
Deduct the soul force again
Gu Qingshan has a look at his few soul forces left, which is honest.
He stopped asking and walked on.
Just thinking about the ear, women disdain to hum.
-Lin swept past and walked quickly in the direction of the hall.
By the way, she is the strongest angel in the angel kingdom with twelve wings, and naturally she is eligible to enter the hall.
The three ghost lords are also around Renee Doyle.
Gu Qingshan eyes back to fall again those evil spirits holding treasures.
….. May be have what big things to discuss.
He quickened his pace and walked towards the hall.
audience hall
Lin arrived first.
The three ghosts are all real angels.
Renee Doyle sat high on the throne with a serious face.
The fire demon Lord ordered, "Fight all the treasures. We need to see what can be sent at this critical moment."
Lin shook her head and said, "I know you have collected many treasures over the years, but how can these treasures deal with that eyeball?"
All grievances are the real name of the owner of the fire ghost. He just thought about it and said, "Every reincarnation world in real The six great divisions in the wheel of karma has a demarcation artifact with poor power. I always think that it should be able to deal with that eye."
Lin smiled disdainfully and said, "Have you ever found the boundary artifact?"
The complaint sighed and said, "It’s a pity to have it …"
"It’s a pity that it’s a pile of fragments." The giant ghost master answered the words.
Everyone is silent.
Renee Doyle sighed and said, "Who can think of a way to deal with that eyeball in an instant of life and death?"
Nobody answered.
The hall was silent and the atmosphere gradually sank into despair and depression.
Suddenly, someone reported that "the pale ghost male is coming"
A second to see pale akira shape a flash appeared in front of everyone.
They looked at him.

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