Others around you also looked at Ding Saner and Wang Ge with different expressions.
Brother Wang was a little anxious and said to Ding Saner, "Don’t be stupid, Saner. Can you clean up the zombies?"
When Ding Saner was said by Wang Ge, his face suddenly got a little embarrassed and argued, "Although they killed zombies badly, they didn’t necessarily fight badly. Can’t so many of us do it?"
People around you also echoed, "Ding Saner is right. They kill zombies badly, but they don’t necessarily fight badly. So many of us might be able to kill them."
Wang Ge suddenly became anxious when he heard all the words. "Don’t be impulsive. You can see that they can swagger along the road. They must have something to rely on to do so. They just killed zombies like chopping melons and chopping vegetables. They are masters at first sight. We want to rob them. Be careful not to steal a handful of rice."
Ding Saner has been urging everyone to kill Lin Ying and then take things out of the supermarket, and others are also tempted.
Wang Ge, on the other hand, is sober and always advises everyone not to be impulsive and stop everyone.
At this time, Lin Ying and Qing Muyang have entered the supermarket to move things out.
And Yang Tingting also came from the off-road vehicle and stuffed things into the car
Yang Tingting has been hiding from the car during the previous battle.
The most thing in the supermarket is instant noodles. This is the area. Many car owners will come to eat instant noodles when they stop here to rest, and then continue on their way.
Instant noodles are delicious when soaked, but they can also be eaten in the last days. This thing is quite real.
Lin Ying almost moved more than ten boxes of instant noodles, and then moved some biscuits, ham and drinks until the SUV was full.
After being filled with things, Lin Ying and Wang Cai dismantled some biscuits and ham together and ate them in the supermarket.
There are still many things left in the supermarket that they can’t take with them, but they plan to leave after they have eaten enough.
At this time, Ding Saner saw Lin Ying and their actions were a little urgent. "You see, they are going to move the supermarket soon, and we will be late if we don’t start work."
When others saw Lin Ying, they moved a lot of things out, and they were also very anxious. They always wanted to go before.
But Wang Ge has been blocking the people from letting them go before.
But at this time, Cao Ge suddenly said, "Let’s listen quietly and say a few words."
At this time, everyone was quiet and looked at Cao Ge eagerly.
Cao Ge looked at more than ten people and said, "Let’s go."
Ding Saner heard Cao Ge’s words suddenly shine at the moment.
But Cao Ge continued, "We are not going to rob them, but to ask them to see if they can give us something."
Ding Saner’s eyes darkened when he heard Cao Ge’s words, but Wang Ge was excited.
"Don’t be aggressive or hostile. I just thought about it carefully. After they killed zombies just now, I found that the two of them must have practiced it. Otherwise, the knife method is not so sharp. Don’t make trouble. Keep a low profile, do you hear?" Cao Ge said his analysis and also told Ding Saner two sentences.
Ding Saner was very unhappy and answered, "I know."
Then Cao Ge took a group of people from the slope and went to the supermarket.
Lin Ying has long known Cao Ge through the sky eagle, and they have been squatting there for a long time, and Lin Ying is too lazy to take care of them.
But now Lin Ying saw them go to the supermarket and looked at the dozen people slightly squinting while gnawing a fist-sized ham.
Cao Ge led more than a dozen people dressed in rags and sloppy, almost like beggars. Their weapons were all decorated with machetes, kitchen knives, hammers and sticks.
When they passed by the zombies, they all walked around them and looked scared.
Cao Ge took everyone to the outside of the supermarket and looked at Lin Ying grinning inside. He thought for a long time and took a "hello".
Lin Ying looked at Cao Ge and replied "Hello"
Then Cao Ge and Lin Ying and they came to a small eye at each other.
The atmosphere immediately became very strange.
Lin Ying ignored Cao Ge and this group of people, but simply hit a bottle of drink, drank two mouthfuls and then took a bite of ham sausage.
Lin Ying moved straight to see Cao Ge and a group of them swallowed a mouthful of saliva.
Many people even licked their lips and eyes and nailed Lin Ying’s hand and ham.
Qing Muyang walked out of the door with a ham in his mouth and walked around Cao Ge and a group of them.
That ham sausage just shakes and shakes as the forest shadow moves, making Cao Ge’s population water.

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