Andy of Nantianmen instantly gained a lot of attention, and he decided that no one could criticize anything from this moment on.
Ji Xinghe lived up to expectations and Andy lived up to expectations.
Tu Yuan seems to be an outsider.
"Prepare fire support"
Tu Yuan’s voice rang out from Alnilam space battleship.
Outsider Tu Yuan, of course, can’t be an outsider. He is the supreme commander of the theater in the No.5 base and the direct level of Ji Xinghe.
The surface fighting continues, and the Xinghe team is still outnumbered.
But everyone knows that the advantage has been won by the Xinghe team, and it is the advantage played by Ji Xinghe.
Another battle has also been supposed to support the Mecha Corps of the No.5 base of the Xinghe squad, which directly appeared in front of the imperial troops crippled by the Xinghe squad and then charged.
Although it is disabled, there are still many troops, and about 60 thousand troops have been dispersed. They want to avoid the federal fire attack
This kind of situation mecha corps advantages have to be highlighted.
Firepower can solve the imperial forces along the way, but it costs a lot. There are more than 20 mecha left in the imperial forces along the way. The Mecha Corps of Base 5 is like rushing into a wheat harvester.
Slaughter at will until it is exhausted.
The two battles in the No.5 base theater are dominated by the Federation, and in a sense, these two battlefields are the initiative of the Federation.
Similar battles are very rare for the Federation.
Inspiring people aside for the time being, Tu Yuan must guard against a new round of imperial support.
Divided into four marching routes, will the imperial troops really watch their troops being defeated by the Federation all the way?
There are ninety imperial mecha supported from another way.
And contains 30 imperial noble mecha truly elite.
If they come to support, Tu Yuan will make the fire again.
"How much is our quota?" Tu Yuan asked, "I mean, in the original plan, we need to drop the firepower quota. How much is left?"
"79% we still have 79% firepower quota."
"So many!"
Tu Yuan was very surprised. He had never fought such a rich war.
According to the current consumption, he needs a quarter of the firepower quota to wipe out the enemy troops this time.
Five hundred thousand troops, two thousand mecha …
I won with a quarter quota.
Tu Yuan really wants to ask those who are watching the war a question. Who else?
That is to say, Andy is watching the war, otherwise he can really find out that he is really young compared with the youngest civilian general in the Federation.
No one throws cold water on Tu Yuan at this time. Everyone knows that Tu Yuan must know that the war plan law reappears today.
What is the heart?
You have a star, and you are awesome.
"Report the imperial mecha retreated"
"retreat? Is it Huiyuan? "
"There is no Huiyuan. Judging from their escape direction, they are going to another place where the main forces of the Empire are located."
Tu Yuan breathed a sigh of relief. The empire gave up the troops that were being gradually annihilated by the Federal Mecha Corps.
The goal of destroying the enemy’s troops all the way is really close to victory.
It was almost because of casualties in another annihilation war.
Small is worth 60 thousand imperial troops to many people, not scarecrows. They can’t kill them by attracting their necks.
Unfortunately, it is impossible to break the enemy’s quarter mecha today.
Up to now, there are 590 imperial battle mecha, more than a quarter of them.
Now there are more than 200 imperial mecha in good condition, and they have escaped, without giving the Xinghe team a chance to break them.
"Report that team Xinghe is pursuing"
TuYuan eyes a bright line of sight from another battlefield situation report to the Milky Way team location.
So he saw the twelve federal mecha chasing one hundred and ninety-three imperial mecha a pair of’ old today can’t kill you and never look back’ posture.
And just ten minutes ago, twelve federal mecha were still being hunted down.

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