Millimeter turn is not time-consuming for his footwork, and he judges that it can catch up with Lu Chen faster.
When Lu Chen’s cave fought and retreated and encountered the royal brother in the summer, he still had the spare capacity to kill several people with a knife.
This made Ji Rehai feel very annoyed. He could see that the physical foundation of this new martial arts rookie was not so good, but his footwork was very mysterious and he had strong control over the battle.
Although their hard power is much higher than each other’s, it is really difficult to get each other quickly in this complex terrain.
But he doesn’t regret his judgment and Jiang Kui’s joint killing of Liu Qingqing. It’s even more unrealistic. The practitioners of Wushen Mountain are notoriously good at fighting. Liu Qingqing may change himself even if he falls into the wind and finally dies.
One-on-one, Liu Qingqing doesn’t fight for her life, but she may not be able to take Jiang Kui.
Ji Rehai is sure that if Liu Qingqing is besieged and chooses to change his life with a person, he must be looking for himself. He will not choose to fight a thankless battle.
Although those precious crystals have been exposed, it is impossible for a family to take advantage of the current chaos to kill such a terrible species as Lu Chen, which is the most profitable.
The speed and strength of other emperors’ golden lines appear after roaring, and they maintain their peak state, firmly chasing after Lu Chen.
He feels a little weird every time he attacks and defends.
The other side’s strength is not enough to resist his own attack. The knife meaning and the knife awn are all defeated by his own emperor’s true spirit, but when his attack force falls on Liu Chenshen, it fails to cause the damage he expected.
Lu Chen has excellent defensive treasures!
Ji Ruohai was a little surprised when he realized this. He heard that Too Lu Chenwen had appeared in the world in recent years. A wild secret blood fighter had been wandering outside for many years and only recently joined Wushen Mountain. How could he have such a good defensive armor?
And the other party’s resilience is far beyond the general secret blood fighters’ own attacks, which are like no effect.
Actually, Liu Chen is also bitter and can’t say that he has tried his best to activate his body potential, and the active skill of the God-eater ring has also been activated. The highest attribute has reached 21 points.
However, there is still a gap of nearly four points between Ji Ruohai and Ji Ruohai. The attribute gap is like a natural barrier, and his fighting skills can’t make up for it.
Besides, Ji Ruohai’s cultivation is also the top ancient classics, which have been trained in tactics since childhood. If it is put into the world, it is not far from being an emperor.
His practice of footwork, recovery of occult skills and fighting skills are all first-class. In this respect, Lu Chen has little advantage.
The only thing that makes Lu Chen feel very comforted is that he spends most of his life building new equipment, which is really awesome.
The crazy warrior suits his outer soul cloak, which adds up to his outrageous defense. Even if a strong man like Ji Ruohai attacks and hits himself, the damage will be cut by half.
With the fanatic effect, you can maintain your peak state at all times by adding your own mysterious blood-immortal characteristics and the secret foundation of the character.
Squeezing the potential of the body, at the same time, Lu Chen’s heart is as clear as a mirror, as clear as a pool, and he wants to try to enter the forbidden state when he feels the power of his own life spring.
Although it is an inexplicable thing, he feels as if he is getting closer and closer to it.
Liu Chen had a hunch that when Emperor Wu was promoted to the Great Sage level, he might be able to take the initiative to enter the Forbidden City.
It is because the particularity of his development is far from being measured by the standard of covering the sky, and because of the mysterious blood, he has risen too much. Although he has a sage Wang Wu layer at present, his strength is comparable to that of covering the sky, which is impossible for a legal person to cover the sky
And bloodline brings physical ascension, which will not restrict him from entering the state of being forbidden by God. It is a secret word, and it will never be until God forbids it.
The grotto is very large, and he clearly remembers the route in the process of fighting and retreating, but when the battle is dominated by the other side, he is gradually forced out of the grotto.
Once outside, the wide corner area becomes a straight-line speed competition, and even if he has a secret, he will never be able to compete with Ji Rehai.
Lu Chen’s cave of gods and gods struggled to extend. Choosing a direction to sprint at the corner soon met a dead end.
Ji Ruohai saw this scene faster, and the emperor was blessed with golden qi, and his hands poured out like a millstone, creating a big seal as thick as a mountain and pressing it toward Lu Chen.
Lu Chen rushes straight ahead as if he can’t see the dead end ahead.
When he was about to hit the wall, his figure suddenly disappeared and moved to the rear of Jiruohai.
The skill of "Wind Shadow" in the Phantom of Boot Divine Wind started him to move in the residual Phantom of the Opera.
The positions of the two sides have been exchanged, and Ji Ruohai’s forward momentum has continued to bury Shenxing. It’s not that there are no practitioners who are good at practicing the law, but the monks of Wushenshan generally don’t play this place and take other precautions.
Moreover, the skill of the Phantom of the Divine Wind is different from that of the Godsworn’s self-initiative rule. There is no warning before.
Lu Chen has never seen this skill before, that is, to give each other a surprise at the key moment.
Ji Ruohai hasn’t reacted yet, and Lu Chen hasn’t turned around and continued to run away. This is not his style.
After being chased and beaten for so long, he didn’t return the favor, and he was humbled to death.
Necklace black moon black veil active skill starts for ten seconds, and all passive damage increase effects of black moon double.
In the Berserker suit, the arm armor initiative skill can add 5% extra when it causes damage to the enemy for 30 seconds. After the effect of the true damage suit is activated, the damage will double to 100%!
Lu Chen stepped on the stone material of this ancient cave in a down-to-earth manner. After the roar of the wheel, the sea was boiling, such as the extinction of the scarlet ocean, which set off huge waves, thunder and thunder, and the fountain of life spewed lava-like heat.
His calf muscles swelled, and the armor of the berserker suit appeared on the body surface. The leg armor seemed to be wrapped in explosive force.
Lu Chen’s waist is heavy and his muscles are knotted like before the eruption. The combination of volcanic blood, physical strength, Taoist strength and the spirit of the stone has been continuously trained. After the rise, the enemy’s knife has stirred up vertically and horizontally, making Ji Ruohai feel a palpitation while stepping on the footwork to adjust his body shape.
God-eater ring initiative skill is about to pass. In the last few seconds, Lu Chen seized the opportunity of counterattack. His whole figure was covered with tyrannical red light and bloody spirit of war, which made him look like an eternal melting pot.
The roaring cave is like thunder exploding, dark, and the knife light cuts out the stone walls on both sides, leaving deep knife marks and cutting it flat, like a savage god trying to break through all obstacles.
Wu Shen extremely meaning-gong gong!
Emperor Jiruohai’s true spirit rushed back to defend the emperor’s seal against this knife.
When the emperor seal and regicide handed over, a shock wave broke out, crushing the stone walls on both sides and widening the cave shape.
For the first time, Ji Rehai saw the fighting state in a positive way. At this time, the other party was no longer the young man who fled in haste, revealing his true colors.

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