Lin Ying felt a sharp pain in his left arm, splashing blood and immediately sputtering Lin Ying’s face.
Lin Ying didn’t look at her left arm, but she felt that there was another ejection to herself, so she rolled continuously after landing and then lay in a low-lying place, afraid to look up.
make love
A large number of guns came from the Woods, and the soil around the forest shadow kept flying.
"Little White Friar Sand found them and killed them."
Lin Ying tried to keep her body down and not let the bullet hit her. At the same time, she sent a small white and a zombie cat.
This time, Lin Ying felt that the person who shot himself seemed to be even worse, and he even dared not lift his head.
The ability of the gunman who died earlier is not as good as this.
Lin Ying suddenly felt that this was the wounded goshawk.
The thought of lying not far away, not knowing whether the eagle is alive or dead, made him furious, and he decided to fight back
So Lin Ying jumped forward with the help of the stealth ability of the zombie cat and jumped out of the other fire blockade.
The other side locked Lin Ying to death. When Lin Ying was lying in the pit, the other side ate Lin Ying to death, but at this moment Lin Ying disappeared.
However, although Lin Ying was invisible, he couldn’t hide anywhere he walked. As soon as he passed through the grass, he was bent and exposed his whereabouts.
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The opposite side soon discovered this detail, so it was a shot at the bent grass.
This scared Lin Ying to jump out of the big tree next to him.
The bullet almost flew over the soles of his feet
Lin Ying grabbed the big tree next to her and climbed it.
After going, Lin Ying hides her figure with the help of dense branches.
At the same time Lin Ying check his left arm wound.
His arm was bruised and bleeding profusely.
Lin Ying hurriedly took out gauze to wrap his arm around and simply handled it.
At the moment, the zombie cat has found the gunman. This time, two gunmen shot Lin Ying.
So Lin Ying sent Xiaobai, too
Xiaobai has no stealth skills. Lin Ying is afraid of being discovered by the other party.
However, Xiaobai approached the whole process with a quiet breath.
Soon the zombie cat and Xiao Bai came behind the two gunmen.
Lin Ying ordered them to attack independently.
At the same time, Lin Ying threw a bloody gauze from the tree.
Two shots fired and hit the gauze at the same time.
That marksmanship is fantastic.
The two gunmen were attracted by gauze and didn’t feel that they were in danger
Two gunmen shot gauze, but they didn’t feel dangerous approaching.
Just then, Xiaobai and the zombie cat suddenly launched an attack at the same time.
Two shots, two gunmen’s throats were directly caught.
Then they followed in the footsteps of the first gunman and fell directly from the tree.
Two more gunmen were solved.
This time Lin Ying didn’t rush out again.
Lin Ying was almost killed on that previous occasion. If there are gunmen ambushing outside this time, wouldn’t Lin Ying be in danger again?
A person can’t fall in the same place twice.
The forest shadow hides from the branches and lets the zombie cat and Xiaobai wander around to see if there are any enemies.
This investigation immediately scared Lin Ying into a cold sweat.
There are gunmen hidden in the Woods
The other party hides in a far position, but the goshawk can be monitored there. If the forest shadow appears next to the goshawk again, then the bomb will definitely come over there.
Because Lin Ying has solved several gunmen, according to ordinary people’s thinking, it is solved and the whole person will relax.
That time is the best time to kill.

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