As soon as they appeared, the zombies found them and roared at them.
Lin Ying and Qing Muyang were startled and then pulled out their weapons and fought with these zombies.
There are too many zombies, and Lin Ying is surrounded by zombies in an instant.
However, they are very experienced in dealing with this situation.
Two people directly standing on the zombie head dally ran towards the hospital.
These zombies have attracted attention, and they have also roared toward the hospital.
These zombies roar a lot, and the fog has little influence on them. In an instant, the whole hospital zombies are chasing after the building.
Chapter nine hundred and forty-seven In the hospital
Lin Ying and Qing Muyang ran to the building, and all the zombies ran to the building.
While floor zombies from to pounce on two people.
The scene was called a spectacle.
But these zombies are not very high. For Lin Ying, they are simply chickens.
Two people all the way standing on the zombie head constantly ran to the floor.
"snow", "snow" and "snow"
Two people stepping on a zombie’s head is like stepping on a rotten egg.
"What floor is the old pharmacy?" Green MuYang asked the earth as he ran to the surface.
Lin Ying stepped on a zombie and then climbed down the stairs and replied, "I just saw a pharmacy. It seems that it is the fifth floor. Let’s go directly to the fifth floor."
Qing Muyang replied, "I’m incredibly stupid. I don’t know how many zombies I’m going to meet all the way to the fifth floor. There are so many zombies in this hospital that I feel there must be mutant zombies."
Lin Ying didn’t good the spirit when she heard Qing Muyang’s words. "Crazy, I hope you’re not a crow’s mouth, or we’ll all spend the night here."
As soon as Lin Ying’s words fell, he felt a powerful zombie rushing from the building and the zombies around him felt a roar of excitement.
Lin Ying’s eyes saw a mASs of red energy rushing to his speed, which was as a zombie.
Lin Ying couldn’t help but scold, "I’m crazy. Your mouth is poisonous. Just after that, a mutant zombie is a speed zombie. Be careful."
Qing Muyang heard that it was an AS zombie who was very disdainful. "Hehe, it’s just a speed zombie. Look, I’ll kill him."
Say that finish green ASsessment will speed up directly toward the as zombies.
A moment later, Qing Muyang touched the AS zombie.
This is a fifth-order AS zombie, and the speed is amazing.
But that’s not a thing before Qing Muyang.
To be honest, AS zombies in the green muyang circle are a fart no matter how fast they are.
AS zombies just stepped into the green Muyang circle, and the speed was much slower.
Then green MuYang directly with a wave of his hand will be cut into two pieces.
The whole process of AS’s death did not have any influence on Qing Muyang and them.
"Eldest brother, you see it’s so eASy to kill him." Qing Muyang said to Lin Ying after killing as zombies, and the tone and expression were simply owed.
At Qing Muyang, Lin Ying said, "That’s amazing. Now killing a fifth-order AS zombie can be a knife for a second. That’s good. That’s good.
I don’t know if you can fix it if you come to the 15 th order M zombie. "
Lin Ying’s words had just finished when a M zombie came to the building.
This M zombie is a fifth-order strength. He came from the building to squeeze all the zombies directly into the building.
Looking at constantly to m zombie Lin Ying some surprised to cover your mouth.
"God, why am I a crow’s mouth?"
Green MuYang see that to squeeze m zombie some excitement way "ha ha ha even m zombie I also kill"
Say that finish green MuYang active toward m zombies.
Moments later, Green Muyang and M zombies meet and send out the most violent collision.
Green Mu slashed M zombie forehead sword and was directly bounced up.
Qing Muyang exclaimed, "Oh, it’s really hard for me to go to this forehead."
Then green MuYang no longer stay on a zombie head ran towards the building.
M zombie head was cut a sword after some dizzy, but still tightly staring at the green MuYang and struggling to squeeze.
He squeezed a large number of ordinary zombies into the building, and a large number of zombies rolled around like gourds. Some zombies fell to the ground and were trampled by zombies behind them and never got up again.
Lin Ying two people all the way to soon came to the fifth floor.
This hospital is very special. The place and pharmacy are on the fifth floor, and the fifth floor is also a place for blood examination and testing.

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