However, the soul burial site seems to be near the center of the earth. If Lu Chen considers the safety of the mainland, he can’t dig too violently.
Being able to protect the weaker Mr. Burton with spiritual strength while trying to make a dash for Peter.
"Brother Liu, as soon as possible, I feel that this night is the so-called era, and it will be more absurd than the previous two eras."
Chu Hang woke up and said that he is now one of the top strong men in the human camp in this world, but in the face of this era, he has no idea at all.
This kind of world may give him a slow strategy, but when he doesn’t, everything comes too fast. Now he may have the strength to approach the ancient god Lu Chen to save the scene.
"I can’t break up the mainland after digging."
Lu Chen said that if he worked too hard, it would lead to greater disaster.
The painful shadows are reflected by the flickering lights in the bustling capital city of the southern provinces of Sistine Empire.
Blonde boy is wearing a black trench coat with a cowhide wrapped around his waist. The dagger arm has some bulges. The slim trench coat is obviously in the shape of arm armor.
At the top of the fountain in the center of his city, the blond hair danced in the wind, and the three big sin priests stood quietly waiting for orders.
Clement finally made his choice and absorbed the strange source that he had already prepared for, and he was confused and confused in the truth.
Because he activated the guardian dagger, he is the real guardian arm armor, and he can also make it easy.
It took him a month and a half to absorb this strange source because the guardian’s ability and his body could not understand the abnormal absorption ability.
This is a strange thing, which is not consistent with what he has learned. Even if he knows that the guardian should absorb the strange source step by step, just as his sister Irina should have absorbed the special level several times before she reached a certain level of strength and spirit.
But as soon as he absorbed the strange source of the angel level, he didn’t feel any discomfort and absorbed it very quickly
Mona didn’t tell him the origin of this strange source, but he had a feeling that it was like he had tailored the strange source, and it couldn’t fit better. After being absorbed into the body, he didn’t feel the slightest influence of the will of the ancient gods on himself
Now he is no longer that weak mortal, and the priests should respectfully stand beside him, except Mona.
When he wanted to show his actions, the night came, as he saw in the "truth" of the eternal night that day. Everything was as Mona said, so he pulled out half of the guardian’s dagger and took it back.
What if what she said was true?
What the hell should I do?
Clement’s eyes changed and finally he looked into the distance of the night. What he should do now is not to reduce the casualties of the people in this area and kill someone who wakes up with the night.
There was a knock at the door in his pocket. Clement took out a palm-sized door and knocked on the door. He heard a woman coming from the opposite side.
"Clement will come back when you finish your goal. Wang is not where you should go now. Everything is still early when you need it."
Mona’s voice is calm, but people who know her well can hear a little fatigue.
The fountain’s three great sin priests listened quietly and didn’t interrupt, but their eyes were filled with joy.
The eternal night has come, and their era will eventually explain the truth to the world. What is the truth that can survive the end of the era?
Clement looked at the shadows rising in the darkness in the distance, pulled out the waist guardian Bi and said "good" lightly.
The soul was buried in the ground, and Lu Chen and Peter took the two of them to an obscure corner with a strange and fragrant smell. The soil loosened and a deep red hand leaned out from it.
Followed by the second, third, fourth … The dense hands came out of the ground and finally broke out as a whole. He was twisted and weird. When he appeared, his soul was buried for a long time, and the melodious song suddenly stopped. All the floating souls were silent.
The indescribable creature turned a blind eye to himself, "I gave you a chance."
Chapter one hundred and fifty Violators soul sender
The sky is shining with white light, but it doesn’t bring warmth to people’s hearts. It’s not the sun’s light, but the light born of the extraordinary ability, that is, weird power
On how glamorous the appearance of ability looks, the driving force is the source of strangeness after all
King Irina wears a long white dress, and her eyebrows are covered with jade jewels to cover her tiny wrinkles.
The church in the morning can’t make people who are crazy recover. People who are crazy are crazy, and they are collapsed. The only thing that may return to normal is his body.
If they can carry the ancient gods and whisper, they will naturally become so-called transcendence.
Now, when night falls, all the order collapses, and there are many vigils, which are still stable, but how bad the world is now is hard for her to imagine.
Street people come and go, sober people rush to go home, crazy people don’t know where to go, they fight, they kill, they cry, they cry, and they don’t know how terrible spiritual hell they are immersed in.
A six or seven-year-old girl lost her shoes in the street and seemed to be separated from her parents. She wore a silk pink dress and held a relaxed bear in her arms, not much younger than her.
She was so scared that her shoulders trembled but she didn’t dare to cry because everyone around her was terrible and the sound in her ears was terrible. She just saw someone making a noise and was torn up by a crazy person.
She walked timidly barefoot in the street and looked at the crazy world.

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