Mutant hope city
After a year or two of development, supplemented by the mutant resistance organization in Atlanta, Hope City finally doesn’t look like a city.
In a coffee shop two blocks away from Hope Building.
"thank you"
"You’re welcome"
Mark smiled and poured him coffee. Caitlin nodded.
Across the street, Leslie is getting bigger and bigger, and her small eyes are rolling straight.
Mark suddenly said angrily, "This is my old classmate’s wife."
Leslie smiled and said, "I didn’t say anything."
Mark "…"
Lailisi said goodbye to Mark after finishing the table treatment, and then directly whistled to Cerberus, who was not far away, and ran to find Mia.
Mark shook his head angrily.
Kate, in a few days, Mark will take care of the baby.
Especially an adolescent girl …
Just then.
Still wearing a suit, Reid pushed the door in from the outside and waved to Mark who was sitting by the window.
After spending some time with his wife Caitlin kisses and hugs, he put his luggage at the bar and walked towards Mark.
Mark raised his coffee cup to Reed and asked, "How about China International Travel Service?"
Sit in the original position of Leslie Reed smiled and then said meaningfully, "Unbelievable."
Mark laughed. "Change your mind so soon?"
Reed took his wife to bring coffee and said, "I have no problem with mutants. Being a prosecutor is just a life."
"So you’re not going to settle outside?"
"Are you kidding?"
Reed took a sip of coffee, unbuttoned himself and looked at Mark and said, "I have been given a suite and a coffee shop here, and my son and daughter are mutants. Do you think I will go?" Busy for so many years, what is not the worry of life? "
With a smile on his face, Mark raised his coffee cup to Reed and said, "Well, I’m here to congratulate you and wish you a bright future as a city prosecutor."
"Thank you!" Reed ha ha a smile
Two coffee cups touched each other lightly.
It has been half a month since I came back from Atlanta.
Professor Charles invited the Reed family to settle in Hope City.
Reed became the first prosecutor of Hope City.
Yu Reed’s wife, Caitlin?
This is becoming the owner of this coffee shop in Marcos.
Moving from Atlanta to Hope City is also a big step forward.
If others want to settle in the city, they need to pay the equivalent money to buy it.
What about the Reed family?
Because of the geocentric dimension of Mark’s body, Ms. Jean Grey directly opened her eyes and closed her eyes to send a single-family house in Hope City community and this coffee shop to help the Reed family settle down.
soon afterwards
Chief city of hope strongly invited Reid to become the prosecutor of Hope City.
This also proves one thing.
Yale graduate student
There are jobs waiting for him.
Of course
There are few places where Hope City needs to go to the prosecutor.
Reid’s current job is mainly to accompany city of hope Changdongguo Variant City for final verification and preparation.
quite a while
"When will the second mutant … competition start?" Mark hesitated for a long time and didn’t say the word "king of shame" to him.
"Soon," Reid said, "it can be seen that the East side seems to be trying to conclude an excellent series of agreements with our hope city."
Mark smiled without saying a word and silently looked across the street at the People’s Bank of East China, which was trying to decorate it.
This is no longer a matter of spitting.
This is god.

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